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Useful SEO tools for you part III

In this third part, I will info you tools about Google Page Rank Checker, Adwords Keyword Tools,Google Banned Tools.

First tool is Advanced Google searches. Use this tools to searching data/information in Google with any method and way. This is useful resource to keyword research.


Google Backlink Check

Backlink is other way to say link into page. If you check backlink in google (link:, this will showed a small example of page linking. Lot of search engines show us big sample if you use their link function.


How to get success in Google?

Google will list a site in several days or month. For 1 or 2 month, it is commonly if your site(s) is/are not in Google Database until you build link, and become popular, so your site keep on listing in their index. Comprehensive directory registration and signal from lot of forums will make your site indexed.


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