About Canalize.Net & Me

Canalize.Net is my first paid website. I bought canalize.net just to learn all about internet and all knowledge behind internet.

This previous content is business, then I change the content become freeware info. But, now its just my everything. I decided to move one of my blog in blogspot content here, because the topic is similiar. Talk about computer, gadget, internet, and information technology, I’m dedicated this blog into canalizer blog.

I’m so lazy to get more website as my personal profile, so i decided to write my musing, my daily activity, my poet here. It save my money and effort, ’cause I only promote one web :). If you think this web unprofessional, I don’t care :).

If I do not write flake of my live, I do not have my own history. Like Dorothea Rosa Herlianty said in her poet “Live only written in history book that written by yourself”. Sad, but I can only write the story of my live in my own history book, but it will better then I never write it.

Thanks for coming here my friends. Hope we’ll meet soon.

Enjoy my freeware info, my poet, buy payware in my almost webstore, be puzzled because of my musing :).

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