Android, New Open Software from Google for Mobile Phone

Word “android” have been mention by Albertus Magnus since 700 years ago. In modern perspective, that word means a robot that designed to be seems like human, both of appearances and behavior. That word is form Greece language “andr” which means man and “eides” which means seems like eidos species. But what exactly meaning in mobile phone which launched by Google?

Google now touch mobile phone business. Android is open source system for mobile phone. Google and 33 giants companies, from software developer, hardware, internet, mobile phone until telecommunication companies made a consortium named Open Handset Alliance (OHA). This consortium is corporation which launched Android.

Android promises that in the future, mobile phone will become better and cheaper. Android also claimed as powerful software which is able to design the next generation of mobile phone.

The physically shape not more than a software network based on Linux. Because developed under Linux, anyone can develop android for specific software platform. So, you’ll be able to create android for private phone cell, networking system, or your consumer.

Right now, phone cell software application dominated by windows mobile, Symbian, palm, and also blackberry. But they are not open source. If you only imitate working process, you probably will sued by copyright holder. Google believe that because android based on open source, android will easier and faster developed. New application will born and growth faster then non-open sources.

Google and OHA consortium convince that in the future internet which implemented in phone cell will have better (in usefulness, appearance, etc) then PC. Yes, you are right, most of phone cell still have limitation using in browsing and screen resolution, so right now mobile phone still not appropriated. But iPhone owned by Apple and Nokia N800 (which not use android) had shown better performance (seem like PC).

OHA explained that in the future new phone cell can presenting and edit video all at once, and build social networking like web already did but android will make it more easier if we want to applied it in phone cell.

Are all of phone cell which already flooded market can be used in order to take benefit of android open source software? Unfortunately, you can not use your present phone cell. You have to buy new handset which has android inside.

The next question, will our present hand phone un-useful anymore and become obsolete goods? Of course not, I’m sure that others platform like Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Blacberrry, also Palm will keep on exist. They will still continue their platform. But, right now they have new challenger.

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