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parisを拠点に、カメラマン、フードデザイナーとして活動をされているMIHOさんが『今、たべているものが10年後のカラダをつくる』をテーマに、食とアートをMIXさせたマガジンとして、パリのセレクトショップの草分け的存在のcoletteや、美術館のパレドトウキョウや、ロンドンのmagma、その他の都市ベルリン、NY、中国などでも販売され、日本ではTOKYO CULTUART by BEAMSや代官山蔦屋T-SITEなどで扱われ、日本でもworkshopやfoodingなどのイベントも行われ、発売の度にファンを増やしていっています。


Do you know about a book called Saji?

Created by the Paris-based cameraman and food designer, Miho, Saji is a magazine that fuses art with food, with the theme, “What you eat today will be what you are in 10 years.” It is sold at the trailblazing concept store in Paris, Colette, as well as the museum, Palais de Tokyo, Magma in London, and other places in Berlin, New York, and China. In Japan, it is sold at Tokyo Cultuart by BEAMS and at Daikanyama Tsutaya T-Site. They also organize workshops and events called Fooding in Paris and Tokyo, which always creates more fans for the magazine.






Now, Saji is seeking participants for the fifth publication project at the crowdfunding platform Campfire. The theme for the latest issue, slated to be published in December, is something that we cannot survive without—The Universe. Just thinking about the food and art inspired by the universe makes our imagination run riot! As there are rewards such as workshop participations and eco bags, it may be a good idea to take this opportunity to visit the website and generate some ideas.



For more details, please visit the crowdfunding website from this link:



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