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Parking with Bodis.Com

Another domain parking is a service for domain owners to fully monetize their domain names was born, named as For All domain owners who sign up now and begin parking with bodis will receive 100% revenue share. This is a limited time offer. Users, who do not sign up within the next few months, will no longer be eligible for this offer. So, it is yummy…isn’t it? You’ll receive full payment!!!! Read more… »

Parking Payment

Commonly, there is attractive payment among the parking company, such as, you can choose several payment methods, and minimal transfer amount is only 20 dollar. Below a little bit rules and rights according parking payment each of domains Service Company: Read more… »

Tips to purpose

As I already wrote, have high standard, so below the tips to purpose :

  1. We must have ten domain (new and old)

  2. Don’t include banned domain

  3. Don’t make domain which has national identity.

  4. Use paid email when registered, don’t use popular email services, such as,, Read more… »

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