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Image Co-Tracker 2.0

WinXP Win98 Windows  515 KB Cogitum LC  cogitum.comImage Co-Tracker is a tool for creating databases of images from the Internet. It automatically captures the image, the Internet addresses where the image has been found and where it refers, its name, and the date it is added to the database. You also can assign comments and categories to images, organize them, send by e-mail, transfer to other computers, export to HTML, search the database, sort, print, and more.

Image Co-Tracker is valuable for many applications: to make the best choice while shopping, to buy real estate, to manage image galleries, and to store banner ads, pictures, or favorite comics.

CSVed 1.3.7

Easy to use and powerfull csv editor.WinXP WinMe Win98 Windows system operation used, with 574 KB, develop by Sam Francke ata

With CSVed you can manipulate any CSV file, delimited with any separator.

In computers, a CSV (comma-separated values) file contains the values in a table as a series of ASCII text lines organized so that each column value is separated by a comma from the next column’s value and each row starts a new line.

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