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Explores Universe from Browser with Google Sky

This feature, actually seen in Google Earth. But there is different, Google Earth is application and have to download, install first, before you use it. At Google Sky, you do not have to download, just open it with your browser, you directly can view universe. And that’s the advantage; you do not have to fulfill your harddisk with application, beside high resolution image.

Google sky use equatorial coordinate system. At this system, sky objects shown by two numbers, ascensiorecta (English: right accession or RA), and declination. RA number shown in format that same as time format (hours minutes second), while declination shown in angle format (degree minutes second). You don’t have to confuse, if you know object that you wanna see, just typing it in search box. Read more… »

Offline Web Application with Google Gears

All of your application based on web? There is no more hindrance to run that application in your computer while it is offline. Google Gears ready to help you.

Google Gears is open source software, that is a browser extension which enable to developer to create web application that can run while offline.

Google Gears equip three key features:

  1. Local server that has function as a craw for application resource like text, image, and script without have to contact server.

  2. Database to save and access data from browser

  3. Worker thread pool to make web application more responded.

Google Gears enable for both of Firefox (1.5 and more) and IE (6 and more), also can use in Windows, MacOS, and Linux. According to Google, this software still in development and beta status, and more purposed to developer. Nonetheless, you do not must become programmer to use Google Gears. Several web application (some applications are google services) supported this extension.

Install and Try Google Gears

First step is open, use supported browser.

Install this application with clicking the right link. If you run IE, you will requested to download executable bundle, named GoogleGearsSetup.exe, while at Mozilla Firefox, Google Gears treated as other extension. After finish, restart your browser.

To test this extension, try to open web application which supported, like Google Reader (

While open supported web application, you will be asked to give permission to that site(s) to use Google Gears. Give permission to that site. Then that application will run as like usual, but if you sharp, you should find small icon or link to change web application to offline mode.

If you close browser, and open it again in offline mode, you can run web application without connected to internet. At IE, make sure that option File ? Work Offline already checked, same as Firefox. Not all of web application features in online mode can use in offline mode, like add new RSS channel.

Google Maps without GPS

Google Maps for mobile version 2.0 launched. This product still beta, but work properly. You can download this latest version here.

Difference with previous version, Maps for Mobile 2.0 does not need GPS connection. My Location features work based on operator BTS (Base Transceiver Station) cellular with accuracy around 1,000 meters.

That number truly not accurate, but interesting to try. Just imagine if in the future the accuracy more and more exact, we have cheap serving with out GPS. This new application work properly in Blackberry, or others cell phone based on Symbian Series 60 or Java.

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