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Try Remember The Milk Web Organizer

Web application useful, but not for calendar or organizer. That’s my opinion. The reason is simple, calendar or organizer should can seeing every time.

Use calendar or organizer web application make us have to online every time we need to see it, something that I can not do. But, my opinion above changed after I try services from Remember The Milk (http://www.rememberthemilk).

This site services is interesting because it support Google Gears. So it can be use while offline.


Explores Universe from Browser with Google Sky

This feature, actually seen in Google Earth. But there is different, Google Earth is application and have to download, install first, before you use it. At Google Sky, you do not have to download, just open it with your browser, you directly can view universe. And that’s the advantage; you do not have to fulfill your harddisk with application, beside high resolution image.

Google sky use equatorial coordinate system. At this system, sky objects shown by two numbers, ascensiorecta (English: right accession or RA), and declination. RA number shown in format that same as time format (hours minutes second), while declination shown in angle format (degree minutes second). You don’t have to confuse, if you know object that you wanna see, just typing it in search box. Read more… »

Biocall, New Way to Communicate with Plants

Take care of plants do not easy. Need diligence, patient, and attention. If owner forget to pour water, plants can be dead. If owner very busy, I suggest to not has plants.

But now, whether you busy or not, you still can has plants and take care of it. There is system which makes plants call, talk, and complaint if we forgot to pour water over it. Also plants can call and say thank you if we always take care it.

This system made by New York University students which joined in Botanicalls Projects. That project base on communication between plants and human. “Botanical open new communication connection between plants and human in order to promote success interspecies understanding,” said they in their web With their effort, plants do not become silence and surrender creatures, waiting the owner come to take care. With technology help, plants able to call owner if there are problems.

Technology which created by Botanicalls Projects basically translates plants communication protocol to form that understandable for human. The method is insert sensor which connected to microcontroller, then connected to telephone system. Sensor system sense plants condition, like soil humid, leaves condition, colors, and others. Microcontroller decides whether plants need to send message or not. If message decided to send, data sent through Asterisk, open source communication.


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