D-Link DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure

Product Description:
The D-Link DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure, when used with internal SATA drives, enables you to share documents, files, and digital media such as music, photos, and video with everyone on the home or office network. Remotely accessing files through the Internet is also possible with the built-in FTP server. Whether you are allowing access locally or over the Internet, keep data safe by only giving rights to specific users or groups. When configuring the DNS-323, you can create users and groups and assign them to folders with either read or read/write permissions. This is ideal for an office environment with employee-specific sensitive data or for the home where you can ensure your children will only have access to age appropriate material.
List Price: USD 229.99
Lowest Used Price: USD 200.17
Lowest New Price: USD 179.99
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Customer Reviews

Neat Little Unit
With firmware 1.05 (just released) this unit now has support for jumbo frames and a bit torrent client. I've done some very easy "hacking" (put a file in the root directory via FTP and reboot). I've been using MediaTomb to stream movies to my PS3 with no issue. The unit seems fast for mass data storage, spins drives down as advertised, runs dead quiet, and build quality is great.

Granted I mostly use it as a media repository, but so far (3 weeks) I am very pleased.

Steer clear.
Steer clear of this product. I purchased in December 2007 after careful consideration of options and features. Very long story short is as follows:

1) Customer support stinks.
2) Device does not stay connected to LAN.
3) MS-Backup utility is prevented from setting archive bit (even after updating the unit) hence you cannot do incremental backups.

This was the biggest waste of money, and even more precious, time!

Steer clear. I stopped using this piece of junk! It cost me 0 for the unit and for the drive for a grand total loss of 5. Thanks for nothing D-Link.

Very Good NAS
Bought this NAS after doing quite a bit of research. Settled on this one because of price, and features I could use. The NAS is currently setup in Raid 1 mode, and I use my own backup software SyncBack which schedules all backups. Every computer in the house has access to the "Shared" drive, even some Windows 98 machines with no problems. Power save feature is a big plus on this device. The NAS sits in a corner behind my desk so I can't ever hear the thing running except when it is awaken from power save and the hard drives spin up. I use two Western Digital 500GB GP (Green Power) hard drives and is connected to a D-Link 8-port "Green Ethernet" Gigabit switch.
So far this NAS has exceeded my expectations. Full DVD ripped movies play on network without lag, and file access is up to par with the internal Hard Drives on my PC as far as performance goes. I don't use the USB Printer Server because I have a standalone Linksys PrinterServer which works good as is.
Had a few hickups after setup but not the NAS' fault. There was a conflict with static IP address on the router. After all was corrected it has worked like a charm. Still haven't tried the FTP or DDNS for remote access but setup of free DDNS account with D-Link was very easy.
So far so good, highly recommend this product.

Best All-in-one NAS solution
I have tried numerous NAS solutions, including a DIY NAS and the Simpletech NAS; conducted research at various websites including smallnetbuilder and tomshardware; and surveyed other NAS owners. In the end, I bought the DLINK-323 NAS and supplied it with two 320GB SATA hard drives. In one word...."WOW". It worked seamlessly and without any problems. Best of all, it is gigabit Ethernet ~ this makes a huge impact for file transfers and video streaming (assuming you have a gigabit Ethernet network - which I do). I would definitely recommend it. It is a little pricey considering that you don't get any storage space, but you pay for what you get and this is definitely worth the extra money if you want to do it right the first time. It is quiet, able to power-down the hard drives when not in use, and stays cool. ITunes server, ftp server, and a variety of other options work well. It is very user friendly and configurable. 5 stars!

reasonably fast, hackable, but noisy, bugged
- fast (for a NAS)
- hackable, can run torrent, media server etc.
- clever case, easy to add a disk

- Noisy - hard disk noise resonates in the case
- Will get very hot w/ 2 harddisks
- When I added a second harddisk, it said it would format the new one - it stated the model number so I am 100% sure of this - , and then proceeded to format the old one. D-Link support said "it seems you lost your data". Thanks!

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Comment by Depp
2008-04-04 21:59:51

> I didn’t give it five stars because it could use more server end utilities, but otherwise this is one sweet piece of hardware.


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