Money, money, and money, since wake up till slept, money stuck my head. How I earn more and more money? The life support always spend lot of money…day to day seems hard to survive without money in this world. Everything has it cost, which only valued with money. My friend asked me, “Money for live, or live for money?”"What did you mean?” I asked her back.

“I just think, money can not make us happy, but we will happy if we have money, so why we happy if we have money?”

“People usually forget their main purpose if they have money. They have imagine consumptive idea in their head if the have money, so they forgot to pay their child school, pay their mortgage, and so on.”

“So, do you need money?”

“Yes, of course I do. I’ll bought farm, and plant food for myself, so I don’t need money anymore, and don’t give me money anymore. I do not want anything else but peaceful live.”

She was laugh, very loud, “I don’t think you can effort it, you’re too consumptive. I know, you’ll still dream about Ferrari, you still smoke cigarette, you can not sleep in hard mattress!”

Her word is true, it will difficult to keep mind free from consumptive goods. Consumptive goods are like sex, unsatisfied exhausted. More we get, more we want, like drink salty water. So don’t give me money? Like boomerang I’ve throw, it will back to me and punch my head.

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