Flock, Browser Application for Web 2.0

I bet you use at least one social bookmarking site like, and at least use social networking site like facebook. Don’t you? Or maybe you use RSS to check new update of your favorite site? Or have blogs?

If you use those facilities above, try Flock browser. Flock labeled as The Social Web Browser. It has features above.

Condition of WWW right now growth rapidly. Internet user right now become active user. Web medium right now more interactive, user can interact each others using web facilities.

Although WW characteristic changed, browser application rather left behind it. There is no big different between ‘90 browser and recent browser. Flock is an effort to adopt with various popular features and web base application, which emphasizes a social interaction.

Firefox added with extention

I have tried beta version of Flock at 2005. At that time, offered concept was good, but practically, not more than Firefox browser that extension added. Flock indeed based on Mozilla Firefox.

Stable version 1.0.5 has big different then beta version. First is the appearance. If firefox use modified Google site as homepage, Flock appear homepage that consist of social networking and RSS feed from popular news website links.

Flock developers choose to enhance left side panel. At most of browser application, this panel is optional, because sacrifice main appearance, but in Flock, this panel is important interface. There are several panel : People, Feed, Favorites, and Account and Services.

If one or more of your friends log in to one of social bookmarking like facebook, recent of your friends status will appear at People panel. At her, we can sent message or see their profile. And they upload their files, we can see it on Flock with clicking Media link. Feed and Favorite same as other browser, appear RSS and Bookmark.

Account and services appear websites that have integration with Flock, and your status in that websites. Several sites which supported besides facebook is Flickr, Blogger, Wordpress, and If you login at one of site(s), your status wiil appear at up of side panel.

According to my opinion, Flock succeeds to integrate their browser with various application and social networking. Flock more unified then those sites.

Not Only Networking

Although Flock developer call their product as The Social Web Browser, they add several touch which function which not related to social networking.

One function that interesting is automated search engine detection. Several sites, like facbook and wikipedia offer searching feature that can direct access from browser. But in some popular browser, it usually have to add in manually. Flock can detect whether sites offer searching feature, and will offer you to install it.

Blogging also have addition touch. Integrated blog editor served to support popular blogging sites. You can also drag and copy image and text form one sites to clipboard and become new posting in you blog (just beware from copyright).

Almost Flock feature is not too fresh, but pack it in bundle is great breakthrough. So you agree to call it as Web 2.0 Browser?

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