MacOS X Free Applications

Need more extension or do not like some applications in MacOS X? Here ten free application to enhance your MacOS X.

  1. Adium

Congenital chatting application in MacOS X is iChat. But this application only work in and AIM. To talk to other channel, you have to install another application. So, for example if you have three account, MSN, Yahoo, and Google, its mean you have three application.

To unified it, you have to have Adium. Adium is application which connected to a lot of instant messaging networks, like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, including Google Talk. Download audium at

  1. ClamXav

Virus application maybe a little strange for Mac user. Because until right now, MacOS X virus not yet in the wild. Almost viruses is Windows virus.

Nonetheless, secure computation is good behavior, at any systems. Moreover, although windows viruses do not active in MacOS X, we can still infect it to friend’s computer which has Windows System.

And ClamXav is virus application for MacOS X. This application is interface for antivirus ClamAV engine, which also enable for Windows and Linux. Download at

  1. Handbrake

To burn DVD, apple serve iDVD application. But, that application more purposed to user that want to produce DVD. How if we going to make backup for our movies?

The answer is handbrake. This application can backup DVD in MP4 and also AVI, use Xvid or H.264 for video, and ACC, MP#, or vorbis for audio. Download it in

  1. Camino

Beside Firefox, if you want another unified browser, try camino. Download it in

  1. Thunderbird

If you do not like Mail, you can change it with thunderbird. Download it in

  1. Quicksilver

This utility offer new way to launch application, especially user that prefer to use keyboard. Press hotkey (the default is Ctrl+Space), typing application that you wan to launch, then press Enter, Quicksilver will launch it. You even do not need to typing complete word, because this utility cab guess it bassed on beginning letter that typed.

There are various plugin that develop to enhance Quicksilver function,more than only application launcher. Download application in

  1. The Unarchiver

This application can open file in any format, from zip, tgz, rar, and 7-zip. Another substitution alternative for Stuffit Expander. Download it in

  1. Vienna

This open souce application is for user that need separate RSS reader. If RSS feature in Safari do not enough for you, Vienna is perfect choice. Download it in

  1. VLC

Videolan Client (VLC) is across platform application which able to play video with any format. If you can play video with Quicktime, use VLC. Download it in

  1. Xee

We can manage photo form iPhoto, but this application does not always match for another image files. If you want an alternative, one of that is Xee. This application can open image files from any format.


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