Akashic records PRESENTS ”M.A.C ART SHOW”

Akashic records PRESENTS ”M.A.C ART SHOW”


The creative label has been launched.

A number of prominent artists of today is participating in the “Monday Art Club” which is hosted by the“ARAI”. The creative collaboration, the “SELF” and the “ARAI” have launched a creative label, the “Akashicrecords”, featuring subjects of art.As a first series activity and also supported by the Akashicrecords, the ZINE named “M.A.C.” , with limited 100 copies, has now been produced by artists who gather in the “Monday Art Club”.


The ZINE named “M.A.C” (Monday Art Club) is an art box created by artists themselves and it is filled with various original art products created by 16 artists in total. Some of these products are original drawings and some are limited items with serial numbers that you will not find the same products anywhere else.As an event to commemorate the completion, pop-up stores of the “Monday Art Club” will appear at BEAMST from 7th to 19th March and sales will be available for limited items of the “Akashicrecords” and other products created by artists. Also on the first day of the event on 7th March, we will hold a release party which will be joined by participating artists.





第一弾の活動としてAkashicrecordsのサポートのもと『月曜美術倶楽部』に集うアーティストによる100部限定のZINE『M.A.C』がこの度、完成。『M.A.C』(Monday Art Club)と名付けられたこのZINEは、アーティストが自ら作るアートボックスとなっており、中身は全16アーティストによるさまざまな手作りのアート作品がぎっしりとつめこまれ、中には原画作品やシリアルナンバーの入った同じ物はひとつとない作品にとなっており、その完成を記念したイベントとして、3月7日から~19日迄、ART FOR EVERYDAYSをコンセプトに掲げるBEAMS T にて『月曜日美術倶楽部』のポップアップストアが出現します。


ZINE『M.A.C』vol.0 (Monday Art Club)

予価:8400円  限定:100部  size: B5





■Akashic records PRESENTS ”M.A.C ART SHOW”

DATE 2014 3.07-3.19 11:00-20:00
PLACE: BEAMS T HARAJUKU (東京都渋谷区神宮前3-25-15 1F)


■ZINE「M.A.C」vol.0 (Monday Art Club) 発刊PARTY

・DATE:3.07 19:00 START

・LIVE ART: BAKIBAKI / 丸岡和吾 etc.