Palo Alto Business Plan Pro 2007

This is fantastic software, read testimonial :

With Palo Alto Business Plan 2007, you get the newest, most complete business planning tool available all in one package. Business Plan Pro is more than just software that creates a business plan. Business Plan Pro is a complete business planning package that will help you improve and grow your business for years to come.

i have been a fan of PaloAlto since 1998! those days teh scope was different for me. Although i live in another country altogether, the plans and wealth of samples in this software are priceless! The only thing that sort of bugs me is that they stopped building newer versions for the Mac! but no matter i use Paralells Desktop and the software runs great! Saeed A. Siddiki “Homer KSA”


This is a fantastic product that really walks you through setting up a business plan step-by-step. It calculates things in the background and basically prepares a professional-looking document for you. You’ll be surprised what you are able to throw together in just a few days, and it really gives you a sense of accomplishment, which may be lacking in the early days of a startup. The customer service is pretty good. They usually get back to you the same day if you send them an e-mail, though they can be a bit short with you if your question is too obvious to them. They’re not long on explanation, though, so if you’re looking for a more thorough understanding of the product you won’t get it there.

The major objection I have to this product, though, is the formatting of the actual plan. Though it’s licensed by Microsoft Word, it really doesn’t have any of Word’s tools, and so there are all kinds of spacing and margin problems that arise for which there is no cure. If you’re a regular Word user, you’ll expect to be able to do certain things to the text you’re working on and believe me, you can’t! I’d say about 40% of Word’s features are included in BPP. If you export it to Word, you can use Word’s tools there, but it doesn’t export that well, you can’t re-import, and it’s basically just a very clunky proccess. So this product is great for setting up your report, but lousy for finishing it. Plan on having to re-format a lot of your plan before actually presenting it to anyone if you care at all about aesthetics and complicated things like page breaks. Seth “hellsk”

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