Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo event “EN”


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo event “EN”

“EN”, the special trade show/exhibition for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo.“EN” is a special trade show/exhibition, where Japanese technologies meet Japanese creators, held from 3/18(Tue) to 20(Thu) during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo(MBFWT) 2014-15 A/W on the 8th floor at Shibuya Hikarie.At this event “EN”, Japanese craftsmanship and development technology including Indigo dyed leather products from Tokushima,Edo Kiriko(traditional glass from Tokyo), handmade stationeries by craftsmen in Asakusa, and wool used by foreign mason brands from Bishu collaborate with open minded creators from Fashion industry such as FUGAHUM, THE UNION, HAN AHN SOON, and more.

“EN” will produce and exhibit lifestyle products with sensational value toward various industrial people  including apparel industry visiting Tokyo from all over the world during MBFWT.

This event will be open to public and held at Creative Space Hikarie ”8/“ where people can come and experience the new creations that the sense of those creators and Japanese tradition and technology collaborate.



3月に開催されるMercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO(以下、MBFWT) 2014-15 A/W開催期間中の3月18日(火)-20日(木)の日程で、渋谷ヒカリエ8Fにて日本の技術とクリエイターが出会うトレードショー/エキシビジョン“EN”の開催が決定!!!


“EN”では徳島県の藍染め革製品や江戸切子、浅草の職人の手によって制作されるステーショナリー、海外メゾンへ生地提供をしている尾州のウールなどの日本の職人の技や開発技術と、FUGAHUM(フガハム)、THE UNION(ユニオン)、HAN AHN SOON(ハンアンスン)等、他業界とのコラボレート活動を精力的に行っているファッション業界に関わりの深いクリエイターが協業。新たな価値を吹き込んだライフスタイルアイテムの制作・展示を行い、MBFWT期間中に国内外から訪れるファッション業界関係者をはじめとし、さまざまな業界関係者へ発信して行きます。






Date : March 18(Tue) - March 20(Thu)


Content : Business exhibition with about 15 brands
Organizer: Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN
Co-organizer : JFWO

※This event will be held as a relevant event of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2014-15 A/W sponsored by JFWO.

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