There are a lot of ways to make money in the internet. Whether you have website or not, you can always reach earning from the internet. Just pick business models which match with your perform.

  1. Have No Website

You still can make money although you do not have website by following this step:

Make money in ebay

EBay is auction business model. No matter what stuff you will sell, ebay will display your products. I’ve heard that there was a man who sale his diary in ebay! But to be consider, don’t sell illegal products or danger products, or goods or anything that can hurt somebody else or other groups of people (physic and mental).

Just visit the ebay web, create free account, and display your goods with very little fund. There are millions of visitors each day to the site. More unique and useful your stuff, more interesting your stuff, more money that you can get.

Affiliate or network marketing programs

Some affiliate webs allow you to buy its products first before you can be its member. Some affiliate webs make easy, there is free account member for you, but if you upgrade your membership, you can earn more commission. Technically, there are a lot of sub business models about affiliates. You can get a replicated web as an affiliate.

  1. Start to build website

    Shopping model

You can develop webstore to sell your services or goods. There are a lot of online shopping store, so remember to serve unique goods. In order to make a webstore, your website should have feature pictures and clear descriptions, shopping cart and a payment processor.

Directory model

Let’s make directory website, you made specified topic such as medicine directory, or nano technology directory. Or maybe you can create ezine directory. Otherwise, you can build portal like Yahoo!. There are free cms portal made by Indonesian people, the cms called Endonesia. Until now, the version is 8.4. . I have already post how to insert in endonesia cms.

  1. Have Website(s)

If you already have website, you can put ads or referral or affiliates program in your website. For example, you can monetize your web by google

  1. Have huge fund

    If you have huge money, you can make money online by doing forex trading or stock trading. I have been posting about learning forex trading.


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