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Make Money from Your Blog with Smorty

So, you are ready to make money from your blog? Why not try Smorty? I know, there are a lot of review advertising networks, but with Smorty, you will feel the flexibility. There is no maximum blogs list in one account, and there is delete feature to delete your blog(s) from Smorty account. It really useful, because sometimes, for certain case, we don’t want displayed our review in our certain blog, for a while. So advertise on blogs now with Smorty.

Maybe you have already submitted all your blogs, after that you picked blogs that you think bring highest paying, and the rest can be deleted because other blog useless. Beside of that, you will be more focusing to do the tasks.

With Smorty, you will get tasks everyday, and there are unique points that become our score. More good score, more fast we get approved and higher paid received. In Smorty, you’ll get weekly payment, so it not necessary to wait until month after you post approved to get money. Each post will bring you a minimum of US$ 6, high price for start.

Here little tips for Smorty: After we click accept, do the task quickly, because we can not accept another task before we finished our previous acceptable task. Beside of that, if you too slow to do it, maybe another tasks that we want to review disappear because another blogger has already took it.

eMarketing, Why?

According to Lennart Svanberg, President of World Association of Internet Marketers, there are more excessive companies will go internet, and there no companies which do not go internet if they do not want collapse (although go internet is not guarantee to be successful companies if they do not know the power of marketing strategy in online world). So we have to know about Internet Marketing.


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