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Google Maps without GPS

Google Maps for mobile version 2.0 launched. This product still beta, but work properly. You can download this latest version here.

Difference with previous version, Maps for Mobile 2.0 does not need GPS connection. My Location features work based on operator BTS (Base Transceiver Station) cellular with accuracy around 1,000 meters.

That number truly not accurate, but interesting to try. Just imagine if in the future the accuracy more and more exact, we have cheap serving with out GPS. This new application work properly in Blackberry, or others cell phone based on Symbian Series 60 or Java.


Mac OS X Leopard has 300 new features, difference with previous OS, Mac OS 10.4. From all that new features, Time Machine is rely on features. Time Machine is back up application for entire computer system

Every OS has back up system, but what special of Time Machine? This application do back up for all, from application, setting, photo, even the OS itself.

The prices of hard disk right now become cheaper and cheaper, Time Machine features become interesting because users do nothing to bacj up their data. When computer damage, Time Machine will repair it in one click.



Hewlett-Packard (HP) has been developing alternative back-up storage systems to protect digital data saved in computer.

Use DAT (Digital Audio Tape) which developed base on DDS format (Digital Data Storage), HP join with Sony for this development.

From that development, HP introduce data protection system with DAT technology called HP StorageWorks DAT 160 USB in small size also use USB which more cheap then SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) system.This data storage suitable for small business which have limited capital to buy SCSI technology which more expensive.

StorageWorks DAT 160 USB able to save data until 160GB in DAT cassette. This storage has saving speed 50GB per hours with the assumption the data compression is 2:1.

This cassette DAT data storage instrument can be used for various purposes, from server reserve until individual data storage of you who use notebook computer

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