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If you use yahoo!services, like email, chat, or anything else, you should have your own profile page. That page can be useful to add backlink of our site. Here steps to add backlink : Read more… »

Yahoo and Spam

Yahoo active to edit spams which come out from their search result. It is easily to get out a site from list manually. So do not use aggressive spam technique to get top position in yahoo search. Also do not submit in inclusion program if you do not have original substance and unique content.


How to do Well in Yahoo

Yahoo usually lists a site in a month. The best way in order to submit your website is make strong link campaign, such as paid inclusion program in Yahoo. But paid inclusion program is not recommended for small site, because it is expensive Paid inclusion program recommended for site which have huge database and difficult to spin, site with fast goods turnover, site which need tracking services form site match program.


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