Explores Universe from Browser with Google Sky

This feature, actually seen in Google Earth. But there is different, Google Earth is application and have to download, install first, before you use it. At Google Sky, you do not have to download, just open it with your browser, you directly can view universe. And that’s the advantage; you do not have to fulfill your harddisk with application, beside high resolution image.

Google sky use equatorial coordinate system. At this system, sky objects shown by two numbers, ascensiorecta (English: right accession or RA), and declination. RA number shown in format that same as time format (hours minutes second), while declination shown in angle format (degree minutes second). You don’t have to confuse, if you know object that you wanna see, just typing it in search box.

Sky objects also have electromagnetic light radiation which cannot see by eyes, like infra red, radio wave, and others. Google Sky appears visualize that radiation.

Stars constellation is one of popular aspect in astronomy, because of horoscope popularity. Google Sky can appear those constellations. Even, we can visualize stars constellation, so we can see creature image.

Google Sky depends on Hubble Telescope, so the result is clear, not blocked by atmosphere. Other images are from NASA, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and Digital Sky Survey Consortium, also Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) which observe universe through infrared spectrum windows.

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