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Like other investment, you have to know the forex trading mechanism before you jump to this field. Another factor is legality. Just imagine, you already have real account and have hundred percent of profit. But the time you are going to realize your profit, you can not realize that because the broker company was running away. In fact, after researched, your broker is illegal. So what do you do know? You’ve loss anything. First thing you have to do is check the legality of Broker Company. Read more… »

Forex vs Other Investment Programs

Technology progress make our transaction activity more easy, but beside pro-technology, forex online trading offer some advantages that can not we get from another investment portfolio. Here the advantages of this investment program:


  1. Highest Return On Investment then other investment portfolio

Profit in forex is unlimited!!!! More you have an experience, more you can get opportunity to increase you margin to unlimited. Read more… »

A Brief Introduction to forex Trading

Forex trading or FX trading is foreign currency trading (which the value is difference time to time). Forex is investment product which have liquid characteristic and international. The difference values between two foreign currencies become profit base.

As a trading item, forex known years ago since converted technique between two currencies founded. But, as an organization, forex trading exists after there is futures arbritage agency. For example, IMM (International Money Market held in 1972, a division of CME (Chicago mercantile Exchange), LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange), TIFFE (Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange), and etc. Read more… »

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