Forex vs Other Investment Programs

Technology progress make our transaction activity more easy, but beside pro-technology, forex online trading offer some advantages that can not we get from another investment portfolio. Here the advantages of this investment program:


  1. Highest Return On Investment then other investment portfolio

Profit in forex is unlimited!!!! More you have an experience, more you can get opportunity to increase you margin to unlimited.


  1. High Liquidity

It means you can always sell or buy your money currency. There is no fail here, it always side that accept your offer or your ask. This is happen because your market is all around the world.

  1. Small Fund

You can start invest from USD 100 until unlimited. The minimum initial margin is differing from one broker into another broker.


  1. Trading Times is 24 Hours A Day, 5 Day A Week

There is no night or day word in forex trading world. Market go on 24 hours, start from Asia market until Europe and America market. Compare it with stock market, stock market is only open at office hours, or commodities market, it only open morning till noon. If you are employee, you can trade in the night, so it will disturb your work hours.


  1. Anywhere, any time, and no matter what you are.

Invesment do not recognize your caste in society, so forex trading. No matter what you are, where you come from, you can join and set investment in this field. You can trade anywhere you go, without have to go to physically market. So it safe your time and your money!!


  1. Become active investor in their investment

Not like other some investment where investor only trusted their fund to be controlled by third party, in forex trading you are the boss. You decide how much and how often you will trade your fund.


  1. Real Time Price

You can access the price for free, and it real time. I think I’m not gonnac explain this anymore, you’ve already knew, haven’t you?


  1. Serve virtual or demo account

You can practice to trade in forex with demo or virtual trading. Demo account helps you to increase your capability before you open real account. In demo/virtual trading, anything is real except the fund. You’ll get fake money to trade. For you that still newbie in this field, demo account gives you opportunity to understand trading mechanism more easily.


  1. Offer 1:100 leverage

It means with 1 unit you’ve spend, you can buy or sell 100 unit. This is the benefit of margin trading. It only need guarantee money to do the transaction.


  1. Online transaction and reporting

Because of the internet access, you can trade and view the report of your transaction in time. There is no more waiting time. Real time can be reached.


  1. Security and Secret is guaranteed

Although the transaction held in internet, your secret information and your fund security is guaranteed. Broker party serve data encrypted. Your fund is secure because of segregated account.

So, you have view the benefit of online forex trading, but it always depend on you to decide whether you pick forex trading as investment or not. Please be objective and make sure you have synchronies your investment portfolio and your investment purpose.

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