Boring with your computer appearance? There are many sources in the net that you can explore to find perfect stuff for your computer appearance.

Talk about wallpaper, change your wallpaper windows xp or windows vista, and try This site has huge collection of wallpaper, from photo, cartoon, until abstract. Another site is Digital Blasphemy . You can get 3D wallpaper made by computer generated art. But if you like photo; try Caedes  for great photo wallpaper.

Windows Vista owner (and other operating systems) can look at wallpaper collection which designed for newest Microsoft operating systems at That site have have wallpaper which not passed in selection.

Talk about icon, change the icon(s) is full of meticulous details, but difficult. For Windows XP, put all of your icons at one place, like at C:\Icons. First, we have to change desktop icons. Open Control Panel, and then choose Appearance and Themes.

At Pick A Task menu, choose Change Desktop Background. At Desktop tab from Display Properties dialog, click Customize Desktop. At Desktop Items dialog box, choose icons that you want to change. After that, click Change Icon. Here we can choose what icon which will appear. For example, we choose standard icon: My Computer, My Documents, and Recycle Bin. Click Browse. From Change Icon dialog, open icon which you download, and choose icons which you want. Click open, then OK. Done. To change folder icon, right click at folder on Windows Explorer, then click Properties.

Hey, wait! Where we get alternative icons? Try Pixel Girl, FreeIconsWeb , and Icon Archive. Windows Vista users can look at VistaIcons.Com.

And the next accessory is font. To change font at windows XP, just open Control Panel. Click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display. Open tab Appearance, and then click Advanced. At the bottom, there is Active Title bar, Icon, Inactive Title Bar which has font option. You can change the fonts.

Vitaly Friedman has 25 fonts that you can download. But remember, not all fonts compatible with interface graphics (GUI).

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